Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017


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Extended Care: Mornings: 8am-9am; Afternoons: 3pm-4pm
Enrollment Deadline: May 22, 2017

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Career Heroes Summer Camp 2017
June 19th-23rd

DCTS-Folcroft: 701 Henderson Blvd. Folcroft, PA 19032
Marple Education Center: 89 N. Malin Rd. Broomall, PA 19008

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Glam Squad (Folcroft)

League of Extraordinary Chefs (Marple)

Culinary Creators (Folcroft)

Health Guardians (Folcroft)

Woodworkers (Folcroft)

STEM Innovators (Folcroft)


  • Glam Squad (Folcroft)
    • Beauty is never pain for this group of campers who learn the science and art of skin and hair care, while practicing hairstyling, braiding, and makeup application. They will even learn natural skin-care techniques using items they can find in the fridge!
  • League of Extraordinary Chefs (Marple)
    • Explore the science and art of cooking. Campers will practice culinary skills preparing fun one-pot entrees and baking a variety of breads, biscuits, pies and pastries.
  • Culinary Creators (Folcroft)
    • Future chefs explore the world of culinary arts. This camp blends basic cooking skills with innovation and creativity as campers venture your way through baking, bread making and meal preparation.
  • Health Guardians (Folcroft)
    • Health Guardians require training and exposure to the “elements” to prepare to care for others. Each day during the week campers will be exposed to dental technology, emergency medicine, exercise therapy and sports science and basic health sciences.
  • Woodworkers (Folcroft)
    • Through hands-on nature and conservation projects, campers will create their own bird houses and explore woodworking and building projects. Campers will learn operations and safety of hand and power tools.
  • STEM Innovators (Folcroft)
    • STEM Innovators require training and exposure to science, technology, engineering and mathematics to become leaders of tomorrows high tech fields. Each day during the week campers will be exposed to computer networking, engineering, heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) and electrical technology.

**NOTE: Camper enrollment is only official after payment. Payment (enrollment) deadline: May 22,2017.

Contact: Megan Hanna (610)583-7620 x. 3465 |



  • IRS 1098 – T,  Tuition Statement will not be provided for this program as this program is not classified as an IRS eligible educational institution requiring an IRS 1098 T-statement