Health Sciences

CIP: 51.9999

CIP: 51.9999

This is a healthcare career exploration program culminating with the opportunity to choose a Medical Assisting or Nursing Assisting pathway. Course content includes anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, medical terminology, safety, infection control, medical law and ethics, as well as patient care skills. The Health Sciences curriculum is a foundation for all health career pathways in which students may choose to train for a Certified Clinical Medical Assisting certification or a Certified Nursing Assisting Certification.

Eligible students will now have the opportunity to earn college credits and fulfill high school requirements at the same time through dual enrollment.

PnCol3LnPBlk.287  The Penn College NOW program enables qualified DCTS students to enroll in college-level courses during the regular school day to earn concurrent high school and transcripted college credit at no tuition cost to the student. The Penn College NOW courses are taught by DCTS instructors.

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HTH 100 – Intro to Health Careers | 2 credits

Examination of health majors and careers, including an evaluation of personalities in relation to career interests and values needed for success and satisfaction in the health care professions. Topics include discussion of requirements, daily roles, employment opportunities, and projections for the future in each of the selected health care fields.

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Mount Aloysius College, Harcum College, Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center, Johnson College, Lenape Technical School Practical Nursing Program, Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology, Western Area Career and Technology Center, Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center and Crawford County Career and Technical Center Practical Nursing Program

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