Emergency & Protective Services

CIP: 43.9999

CIP: 43.9999

The Emergency and Protective Services program offers a comprehensive public safety education to students interested in pursuing a career or volunteering in the emergency medical, law enforcement, fire, security, industrial safety or emergency management services. Students work with protective service professionals to gain first-hand experience in all areas of these exciting professions. Units of study include cadet fire fighting, law enforcement, emergency medical services, communications and report writing, public speaking and physical training. Students receive instruction in the field as well as the classroom. Students are required to have a high degree of motivation and self-discipline, as well as the ability to obtain Child Abuse and Criminal Background Clearances.

Students should consider the EPS course schedule when deciding which session best fits their interest.

Morning Session: Emergency Medical Technician

Afternoon Session: Fire Fighting Cadet (4-weeks), Basic First Aid, Criminal Justice

Both: CPR/AED; HAZMAT Awareness; NIMS