HVAC & Plumbing

CIP: 47.0201

CIP: 47.0201

Make Life Comfortable!

HVAC professionals have central role in helping to make homes and buildings more energy efficient. DCTS students can earn college credits as well as their Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 608) certification. Students learn system design, installation, repair and maintenance of commercial, industrial and residential HVAC systems. The course is taught in compliance with the standards established by the National Association for Testing
Excellence (NATE) and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

Students who opt to enter the ACCA apprenticeship program at the minimum age of 16 earn up to 9 college credits at DCCC, and work 500 hours for an ACCA contractor (paid employment) will be eligible for completion of one year of a four year apprenticeship program. Upon graduation, students will be offered full-time employment with a ACCA contractor and enter as
a second year apprentice.

Students should expect to invest approximately $400 in specialized tools, uniforms, kits and reference books for this 3-year program.