Building Trades

CIP: 46.0401

Building Skills for Your Future.

Practical experience and classroom training prepares students enrolled in the Building Trades program for employment in general construction or property maintenance. Students are taught carpentry, masonry, plumbing, roofing, drywall application, painting, and framing/finishing. They learn safety standard compliance, tool and equipment identification, communication skills and employability skills, with a strong emphasis placed on math and writing. Course content is relevant to commercial and industrial construction needs.

Students should expect to invest approximately $200 in specialized tools, uniforms, kits and reference books for this 3-year program.

Eligible students will now have the opportunity to earn college credits and fulfill high school requirements at the same time through dual enrollment.

PnCol3LnPBlk.287  The Penn College NOW program enables qualified DCTS students to enroll in college-level courses during the regular school day to earn concurrent high school and transcripted college credit at no tuition cost to the student. The Penn College NOW courses are taught by DCTS instructors.

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BCT 103 – Construction Hand and Power Tools| 1 credit

Survey of hand and power tools typically used to perform construction work. Emphasis on the development of skills needed to effectively perform layout, measurement, cutting, fastening, and finishing operations. Study also includes maintenance of tools and equipment, safe use of hand and power tools, and emerging tool technology.

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Community College of Allegheny County, Luzerne County Community College, Orleans Technical Institute and Commonwealth Technical Institute