DCTS Awards, Policies & Procedures

 Guidance Programs and Activities

  • National Technical Honor Society – Induction is held in March or April of each year for new inductees.  Students who meet GPA, extra-curricular and volunteer criteria are considered for membership.  Students meeting the criteria will receive an application for admission into NTHS.  For more information about NTHS visit www.nths.org.
     National Technical Honor Society:

    • Overall Home School cumulative GPA of 3.5
    • At least an 95 average in the CTE program each quarter
    • Must be a junior or senior
    • Excellent attendance record
      (No more than 1 absence per quarter (including excused absences but NOT including medical absences or death in the family)
    • Teacher recommendation
    • No discipline referrals
    • Be a good, honest student citizen
    • Make a personal commitment to excellence
  • Quarterly Awards Programs – Students who receive student of the quarter, high honors and perfect attendance for the quarter are recognized at an assembly each marking period.  Parents are invited to attend the program in celebration of their child’s achievement.
    Honors Award Program
    Quarter Awards Criteria:

    • First Honors: Students who have a 93 average and only one absence for the quarter
    • Perfect Attendance: Students who have no absences for the quarter
    • Students of the Quarter: Designed to recognize students who have tried to make DCTS a better place. These students have typically made outstanding contributions to their respective clubs, organizations, or the program in general.

DCTS Grading Scale
A. 90-100
B. 80-89
C. 70-79
D. 63-69
F. 62-below
(DCTS final grade is 60% Knowledge and 40& Work Ethic)


DCTS Anti-Bullying Policy

DCTS Anti-Bullying Policy (see attachment DCIU Board Policy on Bullying)BullyingPolicy


Contact your son/daughter’s DCTS principal or disciplinarian if you suspect that your child is being bullied.